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Programs & Workshops 2009-2010

September - Archie Brennan & Susan Maffei

 Day Guild  September 14, 2009 Working in Series Part I
 Evening Guild  September 15, 2009 Working in Series Part II

Archie and Susan are internationally known tapestry artists. Visit their website at

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October - Lisa Klakulak

 Day Guild October 12, 2009 Retrospective of an Artist
 Evening Guild  October 13, 2009

Professional Years: Residency Development or Work and Instructions

Workshop: Saturday & Sunday, 10/10-11

Techniques for Felted Neck Adornment

Workshop: Wednesday & Thursday, 10/14-15

Single-Handled Bag Using 2-D Resist

Lisa is a studio artist and educator and operates her business StrongFelt out of Ashville, NC. She exhibits and creates sculptural and wearable felted textiles. Visit her website at:

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November - Catharine Ellis

 Day Guild  November 9, 2009 Introduction to Woven Shibori
 Evening Guild  November 10, 2009 Contemporary Lace

Introduction to Woven Shibori

This program introduces Catharine's early work and chronicles the discovery and exploration of woven shibori and its many applications. She will discuss inspirations and problem solving.

Contemporary Lace

Lace, by definition, is "a constructed textile that has opaque and transparent areas." What are the opportunities for weavers to explore the concept of lace? We will take a look at nontraditional, contemporary lace, woven and non-woven, using construction, burn-out and the concept of transparency.

Workshop: Friday- Sunday, 11/13-15

Woven Shibori -- An Introduction to Weaving Structures and Dyes

Catharine Ellis taught the Professional Craft Fiber Program at Haywood Community College for 30 years and is now devoted to studio work, travel and workshop teaching. She continues to explore new applications of woven shibori including Jacquard and industrial production. Catharine has taught and exhibited internationally. She is the author of Woven Shibori (Interweave Press, 2005) and her work has been featured in Fiberarts Magazine, Surface Design Journal and other publications. Her weaving is inspirational and her techniques are always cutting edge. Visit her website at:

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December - Donna Brown of Wyoming/Potluck

 Day Guild

 December 14, 2009 Donna Brown of Wyoming -- Wearable Art Trunk Show
 Evening Guild  December 15, 2009  Holiday Potluck Dinner & Ornament Exchange

Day Meeting: Donna Brown is a native of Sydney, Australia. She is the Professor of Textiles and Merchandising at the University of Wyoming in Laramie where she combines her passions for textiles, art, and education. Donna will be sharing her wearable art collection. Her work has been features in the Everyone Loves Sulky Challenge, Hobbs Bonded Fibers Fashion Show, Hoffman Challenge and the Fairfield and Bernina Fashion shows. She was a grand prize winner in the Inspired by Threads Challenge.

Evening Meeting: Our Christmas party will start at 6:30 pm at Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins. Bring a Christmas treat to share and a wrapped, homemade Christmas ornament. Drinks, plates, utensils, etc. will be provided. Feel free to bring your own plates and utensils in order to cut down on our trash footprint.

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January - Nanci Imburgia

 Day Guild  January 11, 2010 Portraiture in Fabric
 Evening Guild  January 12, 2010 A Quilter's Journey -- A Trunk Show Encompassing Twenty-Five Years of Quiltmaking

Portraiture in Fabric

Nanci received a Carol Strickler HGB scholarship in 2008 to attended the Quilt Surface Design Symposium in Columbus, Ohio. In a five-day workshop she studied with internationally-known quilt artist Esterita Austin, to learn how to create a fabric portrait using the same quality of lights and shadows portrayed in Old Masters' paintings. Her presentation will follow each step of that process.

A Quilter's Journey -- A Trunk Show Encompassing Twenty-Five Years of Quiltmaking

Beginning with her first quilt from 1982, Nanci will present a trunk show detailing her progress over 27 years, from traditional to art quilts and everything in between.

Nanci is a quiltmaker who exhibits her work locally and nationally. 

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February - Anne Bossert

 Day Guild  February 8, 2010 Why Bother?
 Evening Guild  February 9, 2010 The Lowdown: How I got from there to here

Why Bother?

Why we are compelled to continue making things by hand. Anne will talk about the importance of the handmade, for both our culture and for the individual maker.

The Lowdown: How I got from there to here

Anne will talk about her influences and inspirations from childhood to adulthood, focusing on how and why she makes the things she makes.

Anne got her BFA in metalwork and Jewelry from Northern Illinois University and her MFA in Fiber Art from CSU. She loves bright colors and pattern, especially strips. She dyes and weaves stripes into cloth that she then incorporates into wood furniture most typically made from fine plywood so that the wood can be striped, too. She exhibits her award winning furniture locally at Translations Gallery in Denver and nationally at furniture and fine craft show. Check out her website:

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March - Diane de Souza

 Day Guild  March 8, 2010 Fact and Fiction of Regenerated Fibers or How Green is Green?
 Evening Guild  March 9, 2010 Weaving on the Web

Fact and Fiction of Regenerated Fibers or How Green is Green?

Do you want to utilize more environmentally friendly (green fibers) but aren't sure what is 'green', what is available, and how to use them? This talk will focus on the regenerated fibers: bamboo, soy silk, tencel, and sea silk. Manufacturing, fiber characteristics, yarn construction, and sources will be discussed as well as environmental issues related to production.

Weaving on the Web

There are a lot of resources available to weavers, knitters, crocheters, and dyers on the web. At times, the amount of available information can be overwhelming. Some resources can be real time savers; others time sinks. This will be a quick tour of what's available, what I find most useful, as well as time saving tools that will allow you to maximize usage of your computer time.

Workshop: Monday 3/8

Textile Finishing

The workshop will be a discussion of the correct finishing processes and include tapestries, home textiles, and wearables. Before and after samples will be shown from the instructors' work which will include both woven and knitted examples. Students are expected to bring their own work to finish.

Workshop: Saturday & Sunday, 3/6-7

Spicy Weaving

Try your hand weaving with tofu, seaweed, bamboo, tencel and other regenerated fibers.

Diane has a broad background in fiber and weave structures having worked with most fibers and weave structures ranging from weft face rug weaving to 24 shaft loom controlled work. She has been actively weaving for 10 years and knitting, crocheting, ... for many more. She has done production weaving for Tierra Wools and Weaving Southwest. She has taught in multiple venues and enjoys passing on her experiences to others. Her work has won awards or been accepted for juried shows at IWC, Convergence, the Boulder Guild, Pagosa Fiber Festival, and the Taos Arts Festival. Her current focus is interesting fibers, dyeing with natural dye extracts, loom-controlled shibori, and complex loom controlled weave structures.

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April - Gasali Adeyemo

 Day Guild  April 12, 2010 Fiber Art in the Southwest of Nigeria
 Evening Guild  April 13, 2010 Natural Dye in the Yoruba Tribe

Workshop: Saturday & Sunday, 4/10-11

Nigerian Batik Resist Techniques and Dyeing

Traditional Yoruba tribe batik is called adire alabela which is the process of applying wax resist to create designs on cloth. Students will bring cotton cloth and will explore methods to apply the wax. After the designs are created, Gasali will show us how to dye our cloth and how to remove the wax.

Trunk Show, Monday, 4/12

Gasali will host a trunk show at Shuttles, Spindles, & Skeins from 1pm - 6pm. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit with Gasali and take a closer look at his work. His folk art will be available for purchase.

Gasali is from the small village of Ofatedo in Nigeria. He studied at the Nike Center for Arts and Culture in Osogbo, Nigeria, where he mastered the arts of batik, indigo dyeing, quilt making, embroidery, and applique. Gasali has traveled the world conducting workshops and participating in exhibitions including the International Folk Art Museum, World Batik Conference, and Maiwa. He currently lives in Santa Fe, NM. Visit Gasali at his website:

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May - Jill Powers

 Day Guild  May 10, 2010 Off the Beaten Path -- Plant, Insect, and Animal Fibers
 Evening Guild  May 11, 2010 Pathways for Fiber Artists -- Adventures with Alternative Media

Off the Beaten Path -- Plant, Insect, and Animal Fibers

Jill will share her many adventures with unusual nautral fibers, including horse hair , gut parchment, kozo, and her collaboration with silk worms!

Pathways for Fiber Artists -- Adventures with Alternative Media

Jill plans to bring samples of her unusual natural materials, including silk cocoons and wet cooked kozo! Those with papermaking, basketry, and silk spinning or weaving interests won't want to miss it! There is a change in schedule for May. There will be no show and tell, and the program starts at 7:15. Presentation of prizes will follow Jill's presentation.

Jill is a fine artist with a Master's degree in fibers from Tyler School of Art. She is on the Visual Arts faculty at Naropa University, and teaches her own workshops and retreats focusing on natural materials. Jill's intriguing fiber panels and vessels are made of plant materials that have been harvested, cooked, cast into shapes, stitched, and painted. Her favorite material is a sustainably grown mulberry bark fiber from Thailand called kozo. Jill has also raised silkworms to spin their cocoons in collaboration with her sculpture!

Jill shows her work internationally in such galleries as the Jane Sauer Gallery in Santa Fe, the Del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles, Translations Gallery in Denver, and Snyderman Gallery in Philadelphia. Her work has been featured in 500 Baskets, The Fiberarts Design Book, The Crafts Report, American Style Magazine, and the New York Times. Her work won Best of Show in the Millennium Show at the American Museum of Papermaking in Atlanta. Visit Jill at her website .

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