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Programs & Workshops 2014-2015


September - Linda Ligon and Anne Bliss

 Day Guild  September 8, 2014 Linda and Anne will reminisce about early history of the Guild and weaving in Colorado.
 Evening Guild  September 9, 2014 Linda and Anne will reminisce about early history of the Guild and weaving in Colorado.

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October - Nell Znamierowski

 Day Guild October 13, 2014 My Fifty Years in Fiber
 Evening Guild  October 14, 2014

My Fifty Years in Fiber

Nell Znamierowski was colorist for both Classic Elite and Harrisville Yarns and taught weaving at Fashion Institute of Technology.

Workshop 10/13/2014, 1pm - 4pm

Nell Znamierowski Color Consultation Workshop

Updated 02.03.2021

November - Barbara Setsu Pickett

 Day Guild  November 10, 2014 Velvet Weaving
 Evening Guild  November 11, 2014 Velvet Weaving

Barbara Setsu Pickett will talk about velvet weaving, and teach a 2-day workshop. Barbara was a Fulbright Scholar recipient to Italy in the early 1980’s and studied old velvet weaving techniques. She is professor emerita from the University of Oregon Art Department.

Workshop 11/7 - 11/9, 9am - 4pm  Velvet Weaving

Updated 02.03.2021

December - 50th Anniversary

 Day Guild

 December 8, 2014 Brunch & Reunion
 Evening Guild  December 9, 2014 Holiday Potluck Dinner & Ornament Exchange

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January - Alasdair Post-Quinn

 Day Guild  January 12, 2015 Double Knitting
 Evening Guild  January 13, 2015 Double Knitting

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February - Strickler Presentations

 Day Guild  February 9, 2015 Mary Balzer / Cari Cook
 Evening Guild  February 10, 2015 Mary Balzer / Cari Cook

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March - Daryl Lancaster

 Day Guild  March 9, 2015 Parallel Threads that Parallel Life
 Evening Guild  March 10, 2015 Parallel Threads that Parallel Life

Daryl Lancaster received her BA cum laude degree in Fine Arts in 1977 from Montclair State College, Montclair, NJ and has been actively working since then as a weaver/fiber artist. She teaches garment construction and related topics to weavers and other fiber enthusiasts across North America. In addition, Daryl exhibits her artwork in galleries across the country. She was the Contributing Features Editor for six years, for Handwoven Magazine. She continues to write for various weaving and sewing publications. A breast cancer survivor, she uses her work as a vehicle to express who she is and the path that she has traveled. Daryl lives in northern New Jersey (Morris County).

Updated 02.03.2021

April - Anita Osterhaug

 Day Guild  April 13, 2015 The Future of Weaving
 Evening Guild  April 14, 2015 The Future of Weaving

Anita Osterhaug is the editor of Handwoven magazine and the editor of Weaving Today. She has been devoted to all things fiber since her first embroidery project at age eight. While studying history at Reed College, it dawned on her that knitting produced things to wear, and a yarn stash was born. In parallel with her writing career, her historical interests, neo-Luddite tendencies, and fiber-mania led her to learn handspinning and weaving. From tapestry to twill, she loves every aspect of weaving and fiber. When not weaving, spinning, or knitting, she can be found writing or reading about, teaching, or demonstrating fiber arts. She lives in Hillsboro, Oregon with husband, critters, and a slightly embarrassing array of looms, spinning wheels, and other fiber accoutrements.

Updated 02.03.2021

May - Guild Community Day

 Day Guild  May 11, 2015 Guild Community Day
 Evening Guild  May 12, 2015 Evening Guild Challenge

Updated 02.03.2021

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