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Programs & Workshops 2015-2016


 Day Guild September 14, 2015 Extended Show & Tell with mini demos
 Evening Guild September 15, 2015 Extended Show & Tell with mini demos

Updated 09.10.2015

October - Wendy Garrity

 Day Guild October 12, 2015 Bhutanese Kushutara Weaving
 Evening Guild October 13, 2015 Bhutanese Kushutara Weaving

Workshop: Bhutanese Kushutara Weaving
October 10-11, 2015, 10am-5pm with an hour lunch. Cost: $125 (price reduced)

In this workshop, you will explore traditional Bhutanese motifs and begin to combine 2-5 of the 5 basic stitches to weave these motifs and to experiment with your own designs. You will examine samples of Bhutanese kushutara cloth and learn to identify how different patterns are created, to enable you to continue your own explorations after the workshop.

Updated 10.04.2015

November - Strickler Presentations

 Day Guild November 9, 2015 Debbie Davis and Philippa Lack
 Evening Guild November 10, 2015 Heide Murray

Debbie Davis will present "Elizabeth Buckley Tapestry Workshop: The workshop experience from the perspective of a first-time workshop/weaving class attendee with decades of weaving practice."

Philippa Lack: "Talking about how the Strickler money helped me expand my horizons and taught me new techniques. Susan Louise Moyer was my first teacher, and is an inspiring mentor who touched not only on a particular technique but general design principles as well. The workshop was only for two days, but I learned a good deal about mixing colors and creating dye cakes so that you can paint on silk without resorting to resist lines to contain the dyes. This is a huge departure for those who paint on silk; before, we had to depend on our resist lines holding to achieve something nearing perfection. Now, it is possible to work more freely."

Heide Murray: "I will be presenting techniques I learned in Patricia Sparks' felted pictures workshop. I will focus on presenting color blending and layering along with a power tool she taught us how to use with her mostly dry wool felting process."

Updated 10.25.2015

December - Potluck

 Day Guild

December 14, 2015  Holiday Potluck Luncheon
 Evening Guild December 15, 2015  Holiday Potluck Dinner & Ornament Exchange

Day Guild will meet at the usual location. Please bring your own utensils, plate, etc., and a dish to share.

Evening Guild will meet at Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins, at 6:30pm. Please bring your dinner service, a dish to share, and a handmade, wrapped ornament to exchange.

Updated 11.16.2015

January - Joanna Johnson

 Day Guild January 11, 2016 Say it With Wool- Embroidery Embellishment Inspirations
 Evening Guild January 12, 2016 Say it With Wool- Embroidery Embellishment Inspirations

Workshop: 10 Embroidery Stitches You Need To Know!

January 10, 2016 10am-5pm with 1 hour lunch.

Cost: $85 + $15 materials fee

Please note, the registration form published in the November issue of The Beat contained an incorrect date. The correct date for the workshop is January 10, 2016.

 In this workshop we will cover all phases of working wool embroidery to embellish your very own custom creations. From materials and tools to starting and finishing your threads, we will cover all of the basics and then dive into the 10 best stitches to start with: back stitch, chain stitch, cross stitch, stem stitch, leaf stitch, lazy daisy stitch, straight stitch, running stitch, french knot, and satin stitch. Our unique locking stitch will guarantee you a tidy finish with no knots on the back of your work. These stitches will translate beautifully to your handwoven and handknit fabrics! Materials kits will include 10 colors of tapestry wool, 100% wool fabric, tapestry needle and embroidery hoop.

Updated 11.03.2015

February - Beth Smith

 Day Guild February 8, 2016 The Great Skirt Project: How I Went From Not Ever Going To Weave To Obsessed With Spinning For Weaving
 Evening Guild February 9, 2016 The Great Skirt Project: How I Went From Not Ever Going To Weave To Obsessed With Spinning For Weaving

All in the Fleece Why would a spinner want to spin Southdown? What is the best way to prepare a long wool for spinning? Why is Merino such a fussy fiber? This class demystifies the what, why and how of sheep breeds. Luxuriate in 18 different sheep breeds and learn how to choose the best breed for any project you have in mind. You’ll also learn the best preparation and spinning method for the type of yarn you want to make from the breed you choose. We’ll start with an overview of sheep breeds and their 5 categories. Then you’ll get your hands wet learning to wash raw wool in several different ways. Next, we will discuss a variety of ways to process that fleece, or not process it at all. Which methods work best for which breed types? We'll go over that, too! We'll get super technical and you'll learn all the ins and outs of getting the best spin from your fleece.

Workshops: Workshops will be held February 6 and 7, 2016. Please see the registration form for workshops descriptions and costs. 

Updated 11.20.2015

March - Jason Pollen

 Day Guild March 14, 2016 Contemplative Cloth: A Celebration of the Creative Impulse through Fabric and Paper Collage
 Evening Guild March 15, 2016 Contemplative Cloth: A Celebration of the Creative Impulse through Fabric and Paper Collage

WorkshopContemplative Cloth: A Celebration of the Creative Impulse through Fabric and Paper Collage

March 12-13, 2016, 10am-5pm with one hour lunch. Cost: $200

This workshop will take a dedicated, daily, practice-based approach to creating collages from the work generated in class. Mark-making, painting, mono-printing, and hand and machine stitching will be our tools. Discarded materials at Haystack will add to our cache. Instruction, daily discussions, and critiques will emphasize the fundamentals of design, the enhancement of skills, and the clearing away of impediments on your creative journey. The aim is to open to a deeper, authentic visual voice, one that is eager to communicate, to delight, to surprise, and to challenge. All levels welcome.

Updated 01.15.2016

April - Just Our Yarn (JOY)

 Day Guild April 11, 2016 Beloved Skein to Beloved Weaving
 Evening Guild April 12, 2016 Pig's Ear to Silk Purse

Updated 02.01.2016

May - Anne Weil

 Day Guild May 9, 2016 Knitting Without Needles
 Evening Guild May 10, 2016 Knitting Without Needles

Updated 02.01.2016

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