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Programs & Workshops 2016-2017

September - Deb Coombs

 Day Guild  September 12, 2016 The Process
 Evening Guild  September 13, 2016 The Process

Long time weaver and dyer, and owner of Neota Designs in Estes Park, CO, Deb Coombs specializes in Shibori dyeing. Visit her Facebook page to see examples of her work.

Updated 08.12.2016

October - Robyn Spady

 Day Guild October 10, 2016 Fab Four
 Evening Guild  October 11, 2016

Meeting at CU Museum of Natural History
Tour of Native American Baskets exhibit with the head curator

Robyn Spady completed HGA's Certificate of Excellence (COE) in 2004 with the specialized study Loom-controlled Stitched Double Cloth. Robyn is fascinated by the infinite possibilities of crossing threads and loves coming up with new ideas to create fabric and transform it into something new and exciting. She is committed to turning the weaving world on to double-faced fabrics, four-shaft weaves, uncommon and advanced weave structures, and passementerie techniques. Robyn is also the founder and editor of Heddlecraft magazine. She will be speaking on the "Fab Four”, and no, not the Beatles!

Workshop: The Thrill of a Twill

October 7-9, 2016, 9am-4pm with an hour lunch

If you know how to weave and would love to create original patterns and then weave them into a variety of designs, then this workshop is for you! This class is for the weaver looking to further their knowledge about twills with an emphasis on advancing and networking twills, but will also cover corkscrew twills and echo weaves. Students will understand how to draft and weave advancing, networked and integrated twills. They will explore how versatile a single threading can be and weave a sampler with a variety of patterns and designs. Four shaft loom minimum; eight shafts recommended.

Updated 08.12.2016

November - Strickler Presentations

 Day Guild  November 14, 2016 Angella Dirks/Sondra Finch
 Evening Guild  November 15, 2016 Angella Dirks/Sondra Finch

Angella will be presenting “Quilt Story” about a quilt she has been working on as an illustration of family history. She has combined research, screen-printing, textile design, painting on textiles, and embroidery in her piece, which is a functional quilt.

Sondra will be talking about a trip she made to Los Ojos, NM, where she participated in a weaving class at Tierra Wools. She will show the 2 pieces she made while in the class.

Updated 08.12.2016

December - Potluck

 Day Guild

 December 12, 2016  Holiday Potluck Luncheon
 Evening Guild  December 13, 2016  Holiday Potluck Dinner & Ornament Exchange

Day Guild will meet at the usual location. Please bring your own utensils, plate, etc., and a dish to share.

Evening Guild will meet at Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins, at 6:30pm. Please bring your dinner service, a dish to share, and a handmade, wrapped ornament to exchange.

Updated 08.12.2016

January - Deborah Chandler

 Day Guild  January 9, 2017 Traditional Weavers of Guatemala
 Evening Guild  January 10, 2017 Traditional Weavers of Guatemala

Deborah Chandler, a longtime friend to many in our guild, lives in Guatemala and will be talking about her new book released last fall Traditional Weavers of Guatemala - Their Stories, Their Lives. She will be focusing on the looms of the people in the stories, and what they do with these simple looms to create such complex weavings.

Updated 08.12.2016

February - Sue Fedenia

 Day Guild  February 13, 2017 Sue Fedenia
 Evening Guild  February 14, 2017 Sue Fedenia

Sue Fedenia is an artist who uses reed, waxed linen and basketry techniques to create sculpture. As a follow up to her workshop “Open Coiling in a Closed Coil World” about learning techniques, she will talk about and show the possibilities of using those techniques.

Workshop: Open Coiling in a Closed Coil World (Rescheduled Special 1 Day Workshop)

March 25, 2017

In this workshop we will make a basket coiling with reed and waxed linen. Students will learn how to start a basket, how to add materials, and how to shape and finish a basket. The baskets will be open and lacy as a result of using the Mariposa Knot Stitch.

Updated 03.15.2017

March - Charlotte Ziebarth

 Day Guild  March 12, 2018 Digital Cloth: Creative Possibilities for the Fiber Artist
 Evening Guild  March 13, 2018 Digital Cloth: Creative Possibilities for the Fiber Artist

After many years working principally as a weaver and quilter Charlotte fell in love with digital art possibilities and presently concentrates on creating digital imagery printed on cloth and assembled into quilt art. She will present “Digital Cloth: Creative Possibilities for the Fiber Artist” her 15 year exploration of combining her photography, digital design, and printing on fabric, with her spontaneous approach to art quilting.

Updated 08.12.2016

April - Carol James

 Day Guild  April 10, 2017 Carol James
 Evening Guild  April 11, 2017 Carol James

Carol will be talking about the amazing techniques of Sprang, an ancient technique involving the manipulation of threads that are stretched around a frame. Since 2004, Carol has been teaching finger weaving and Sprang, and she will be offering a 2-day workshop prior to the meetings.

Workshop: Sprang

April 8 - 9, 2017

Sprang is an ancient technique, manipulating threads that are stretched around a frame. It recurs often in history as a method to create elastic garments. No previous weaving experience is assumed. Using a frame with ready-to-go warp, participants will receive an introduction to the basis interlinking technique. Emphasis is placed on the basic technique, error identification, correction, and avoidance. Participants will learn finishing methods as they convert this warp into a small drawstring bag. The initial project complete, participants learn to set up a flat warp from scratch. On the second day we will explore circular warp as well as some surface designs.

Updated 02.24.2017

May - Pamela MacGregor

 Day Guild  May 14, 2018 Pamela MacGregor
 Evening Guild  May 15, 2018 Pamela MacGregor

Pamela is a fiber artist specializing in felt sculptures, felt vessels, and felt workshops. She has exhibited throughout the US, and has taught her unique approach to three-dimensional sculpting both nationally and internationally.


2 days, Saturday & Sunday, May 6-7, 2017, “Fabulous Felted Fish”, Venue: Cathy Bickell's home

This is a wonderful and whimsical 2-day workshop. Using a resist pattern, you will create a 3-D hanging, fabulous felted fish. Applying interesting textures, blends of color and use of inlays, you will be able to make a one of a kind art work. This workshop is fun and informative for most skill levels. The project lends itself to needle felting more extensive designs as well as embroidery after it is felted. You must know how to lay out wool roving around a resist.

3 days, Tuesday - Thursday, May 9-11, 2017, “Making a Fantasy Teapot”, Venue: Shuttles

This unique 3-day felted teapot workshop will cover the basics for making and sculpting a hollow form felt vessel. It will focus on creating a beautiful, although non-functional felted teapot with a well-fitted stopper, spouts and handles. Each teapot will be unique. The rating for this workshop is intermediate to advanced. Skill in wool layout using a resist is mandatory.

2 days, Saturday & Sunday, May 13-14, 2017, “Sculpted Purse”, Venue: Shuttles

This 2-day workshop is still in the planning stage and will be a debut for the most durable purse you will ever make out of wool. This purse will be made of extremely durable Finnish Wool in natural colors. Sculpting techniques will be used to strengthen as well as create a beautiful one of a kind purse. Final information will be announced in the fall. Several patterns will be available.

Updated 01.13.2017

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